Space and Culture 26:3 Dis/abling Spaces and Cultures in Times of Crises

Volume 26 Issue 3, August 2023

Special Issue: Dis/abling Spaces and Cultures in Times of Crises

  • Guest Editor: Michael Schillmeier

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Interstices of Dis/abling Experiences in Times of Crises
  • Michael Schillmeier

Original Articles

Unmasked: COVID-19, Face Coverings, and Navigating Dis/Abling Spaces and Cultures
  • Gareth M. Thomas
  • Lauren White

Long-Term Care Homes: Carceral Spaces in Times of Crisis or Perpetually?
  • Ana Koncul
  • Christine Kelly
  • Katie Aubrecht
  • Ruth Bartlett

Dissolving Ableism: Could Disabled People Flourish During the First Aotearoa New Zealand COVID-19 Lockdown?
  • John Bourke
  • Tim Young
  • Cate Grace
  • Josh Caldwell
  • Rachelle A. Martin

COVID-19 as a Crisis of Confinement: What We Can Learn From the Lived Experiences of People With Intellectual Disabilities in Care Institutions
  • Adrienne de Ruiter
  • Alistair Niemeijer
  • Pieter Dronkers
  • Carlo Leget
  • Sara Dekking

Rethinking Restriction in Residential Aged Care: Dis/Abling Movement and Relations in the Time of COVID-19
  • Angela R. Y. Zhang
  • Tanya Zivkovic

Spaced Apart: Autoethnographies of Access Throughout the COVID 19 Pandemic
  • Arseli Dokumaci
  • Raphaelle Bessette-Viens
  • Nicholas Goberdhan
  • Simone Lucas
  • Amy Mazowita
  • Jessie Stainton

Short and Locked Down: The Impact of COVID-19 on a Person With Dwarfism
  • Clare Harvey

“Look at Me!”: The Public and Digital Political Campaigns of People With Disability During Chile’s Sociopolitical Crisis
  • Florencia Herrera
  • Raimundo Frei

The Rehabilitation Hospital as a “Parenthetical Bubble-Shell”: Adjusting to Disability Within the Covid-19 Crisis
  • Laura Sanmiquel-Molinero

Tensions and Escapes in Independent Living Infrastructures for People With Disabilities Under COVID-19
  • Joan Moyà-Köhler
  • Andrea García-Santesmases
  • Lluvi Farré

Spaces of Anti-Ableist, Feminist Resistance
  • Iblin Edelweiss Murillo Lafuente

Spaces of Exclusion and Neglect: The Impact of COVID-19 on People With Disabilities in Bangladesh, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, and Uganda
  • Stephen Thompson
  • Brigitte Rohwerder

The Chronicity of Home-Making: Women Caregivers in Dis/Abling Spaces
  • K. Eliza Williamson
  • Cíntia Engel
  • Helena Fietz


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