Space and Culture 25:4

volume 25 number 4 november 2022

Original Articles

Emigration Chests in Ankara, Turkey: Tracing Spatial Trajectories of Tatar Community
Tonguç Akiş

Assessing Imageability of Port Cities Through the Visibility of Public Spaces: The Cases of Famagusta and Limassol
Nezire Özgece , Erincik Edgü, and Nezih Ayıran

Socio-technological Factors and Changing Urban Spaces
Aslı Ulubaş Hamurcu and Fatih Terzi

Evaluation of the Impacts of Identity and Collective Memory on Social Resilience at Neighborhood Level using Grounded Theory
Fereshteh Aslani and Kambod Amini Hosseini

A Lost City and its Time Machine: Vision and Affect in Rail Travel to Machu Picchu
Amy Cox Hall

Neoliberal Aesthetics and the Struggle against Redevelopment in an Italian Postindustrial
Emanuela Guano

The Making of Contentious Political Space: The Transformation of Hong Kong’s Victoria Park
Chi Kwok and Ngai Keung Chan

When Girls Walk: Mobilities of and Resistance to Affective Atmospheres of Unwelcome
Jessica Fontaine

New Furniture for the Box Office: Computer, Ticket, Window
Scott Kushner

Homeless People in Public Space and the Politics of (In)visibility
Pavel Pospěch

The Politics of Spatial Testimony: The Role of Space in Witnessing Martyrdom and Shame During and After a Widely Televised and Collectively Perpetrated Arson Attack in Turkey
Eray Çaylı

A Paradigm Model of Traditional Iranian Neighborhood (Mahalleh): A Grounded Theory Approach
Sepideh Paymanfar and Bahador Zamani

Cross-cultural Encounters in Urban Festivals: Between Liberation and Domination
Lasse Koefoed, Maja de Neergaard, and Kirsten Simonsen

Interspecies Park Life: Participatory Experiments and Micro-Utopian Landscaping to Increase Urban Biodiverse Entanglement
Britta Timm Knudsen, Carsten Stage, and Marianne Zandersen

“Everybody’s Donghu”: Artistic Resistance and the Reclaiming of Public Space in China
Jian Xiao and Shuwen Qu

Sleight of Hand: The Expropriation of Balinese Culture
Gusti Ayu Made Suartika and Alexander R. Cuthbert