Special Issue on Critical Perspectives on Sites of Conscience 25:2

Cover Image: Performance documentation, Jannawi Dance Clan at the Blacktown Native Institution Handover Ceremony, October 13, 2018. The Blacktown Native Institution Project was produced by C3West on behalf of the Museum of Contemporary Art in partnership with Blacktown Arts and Blacktown City Council. Photo: Joseph Mayers. Image courtesy of Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.

Original Articles

Place, Memory, and Justice: Critical Perspectives on Sites of Conscience

Justine Lloyd and Linda Steele

What Does It Mean to Be a Site of Conscience? “Good Trouble” Across the Globe
Linda Norris

The Blacktown Native Institution as a Living, Embodied Being: Decolonizing Australian First Nations Zones of Trauma Through Creativity
Brook Andrew and Lily Hibberd

Memory, Place, and Mobility: Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation’s Mobile Education Centre as a Site of Conscience
Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation

Tiffany McComsey, and Amanda Porter

Haʻu ka Waha i ka Nahele: Dissonance and Song in Kanaka Sites of Counter-Memory
Kahikina de Silva

University Spaces as Sites of Conscience
Karin van Marle

Space, Place, and Countervisuality in Montgomery: A Rhetorical Analysis of the National Memorial for Peace and Justice
Patricia Davis

Memory Surrounding a Mausoleum: Transforming Spain’s Valley of the Fallen Into a Site of Conscience
Tyler J. Goldberger

Delinquent Girls as Activists: Insider Activism and Carceral Welfare
Jacqueline Z. Wilson and Bree Carlton

Memory, Imagination, and Resistance in Canada’s Prison for Women
Lisa Guenther

A Suitable Place to Remember? Derelict Magdalen Laundries as Possible Sites of Conscience in Contemporary Ireland
Laura McAtackney

Långbro Hospital, Sweden—From Psychiatric Institution to Digital Museum: A Critical Discourse Analysis
Elisabeth Punzi

Keepers of the Grave: Ritual Guides, Ghosts, and Hidden Narratives in Indonesian History
Kar-Yen Leong

Sites of Violence, Sites of Peace, Sites of Justice: Transforming the Relational Landscape of Yogyakarta
Diah Kusumaningrum, Ayu Diasti Rahmawati, Jennifer Balint, and Nesam McMillan

Memories of State Terrorism in Chile: Dark Ruins at Villa Grimaldi
Carolina Aguilera

Situated Testimony: Forensic Architecture’s Memory Objects
Linda Kinstler

Theorizing Otherwise: Sites of Conscience and Gendered Violence
Maria Tumarkin

Editor’s choice: introduction to the (virtual) special collection of Space and Culture

Monuments and the Sited Struggles of Memorialisation

Justine Lloyd