Space and Culture 26:4

Original Articles

Commodification of the Egyptian New Capital: A Semio-Foucauldian Landscape Analysis
  • Rania Magdi Fawzy

The Floor: A Reinterpretation of the Korean Home, Focusing on the Ondol
  • Keunhye Lee

Rethinking the Industrial Heritage of Ayvalik through Trajectories on Extracting Olive Oil and Soap Making
  • Gözde Yıldız
  • Neriman Şahin Güçhan

Force Fields of Montaña Verde: Spatializing the Commons in the City-as-Oeuvre
  • Hanka Otte
  • Louis Volont

Ritual Spaces, Governmentality and Cultural Governance in Urban Development: The Case of Shenzhen
  • Man Guo
  • Carsten Herrmann-Pillath

Public Perception Influence on the Reshaping Urban Heritage: A Case Study of Port Said Historic Quarters
  • Sara S. Fouad
  • Shahira Sharaf Eldin

Staying in Crisis: Choice or Coercion a Review of the Reasons of Rural-to-Urban Migrations Due to Environmental Changes in Iranian Villages
  • Soheil Mohammadi
  • Mojtaba Khanian

Winter’s Topography, Law, and the Colonial Legal Imaginary in British Columbia
  • Matthew P. Unger

Culture-Led Place-Making and Heterotopic Brand Building: A Comparative Approach between Ljubljana and Porto
  • Alberto Rodríguez-Barcón
  • Sílvia Sousa

The Influence of the Lotus Flower Theme on the Perception of Contemporary Urban Architecture
  • Dżoana Latała-Matysiak
  • Marcin Marciniak

Review Essay

Towards the Commercial Drone—From Projectized Weapons Back to the Hobbyist’s Shed
  • Kevin Weller