Space and Culture Special Issue “Rite and Stone” 26:2

volume 26 number 2 may 2023

Special Issue: Rite and Stone

Guest Editors: Marian Burchardt, Julia Martínez-Ariño, Mar Griera, and Paul Bramadat

Rite and Stone: Religious Belonging and Urban Space in Global Perspective
Marian Burchardt, Julia Martínez-Ariño, Mar Griera, and Paul Bramadat

Original Articles

Urban Space, Functional Differentiation, and Conditions of Religious Place-Making in 19th-Century German and British Cities
Uta Karstein

The Politics of Mapping Religion: Locating, Counting, and Categorizing Places of Worship in European Cities
Mar Griera, Tobias Müller, and Julia Martínez-Ariño

Infrastructuring Religion: Materiality and Meaning in Ordinary Urbanism
Marian Burchardt

Making Informal Sacred Geographies: Spiritual Presence, Sensual Engagement, and Wayside Shrines in Urban India
Ursula Rao

Churches and Urban Regeneration in Postindustrial Amsterdam
Linda van de Kamp

A New Synagogue, a Garrison Church, and a Mosque: How Religious (Re)Building Animates Religious and Secular Life in Postsocialist Potsdam
Irene Becci and Johann Ev. Hafner

Secularity and Urban Gentrification: An Spatial Analysis of Downtown Buddhist Temples in Shanghai
Weishan Huang

Two Fire Temples and a Metro: Contesting Infrastructures in Mumbai
Leilah Vevaina

Rights and Stones: Pentecostal Autoconstruction and Citizenship in Rio de Janeiro
Martijn Oosterbaan

Architecturations of Pentecostal Power: Contribution to a Sociology of Pentecostal Auditoriums
Obvious Katsaura