Space and Culture 26:1

volume 26 number 1 february 2023

Original Articles

The Dilemma of Saudi Arabian Homes in Riyadh
Bob Giddings, Majid Almehrej, and Manuel Cresciani

Ìrègún Music and Sounding Spaces among Yagba-Yoruba People of Nigeria
Olusegun Stephen Titus

Using Placemaking Methodologies to Transform Degraded Public Spaces into Places
Fernanda da Cruz Moscarelli

Interdisciplinary Nature of Architectural Discourse within the Triangle of Architecture, Sociology and Literary Fiction
Zeynep Tuna Ultav and Müge Sever

The Social Life of a Barrier: A Material Ethnography of Urban Counter-terrorism
Martin Trandberg Jensen and Ole B. Jensen

Chasing the Concrete Dragon: China’s Urban Landscapes in Skate Video
Duncan McDuie-Ra

Geophilia: Ethnographic Fragments on the Vitality of Fossils
Phillip Vannini and April Vannini

Pet-Friendly Rental Housing: Racial and Spatial Inequalities
Daniel Rose, Courtney McMillian, and Onneya Carter

A New Sensibility towards Unfinished Ruins: Affective Knowledge Translation through Experimental Video
Pablo Arboleda