I Miss my Bar: Mixology for laptop

Big spots, little spots: At Target Shots,
Armenia St(?) Beirut. Photo: R. Shields (CCNC4.0)

Missing your favourite bar, pub or cafe? For those in lockdown, Maverick created a digital soundscape and “Lugar de Encuentros”. In I Miss my Bar, the volume of the bartender and servers mixing drinks, people, the din of a full bar, rain on the window, night and street ambiances can all be adjusted to create the soundscape of a busy “third space”.

District Cafe, Edmonton Canada Photo: R. Shields (CCNC4.0)

A Spotify playlist can run in addition, creating the audio illusion of a cover band.

Big spots, little spots: Bakery, Bekaa Valley (anyone recognize this?) Photo: R. Shields (CCNC4.0)

The soundscape invokes a site one can see. It triggers nostalgia, happy memories. Maverick also offers a DIY Maverick Bar kit and delivery in San Pedro Garza GarcĂ­a, Monterrey and Santa Catarina, Mexico. Salud!

Big spots, little spots: Arepas at El Dorado, Bogota. Photo: r. Shields (C

-Rob Shields (University of Alberta)