Space and Culture 23:4

e n v i r o n m e n t • e v e r y d a y l i f e • m e d i a
volume 23 number 4 november 2020

Special Issue on Degrees of Elevation

Guest Editors: Susanne Schregel, Nicoletta Asciuto, and Nina Engelhardt

Special Issue Articles
Degrees of Elevation – Modes of Reflection, Susanne Schregel, Nicoletta Asciuto, and Nina Engelhardt

The Gravity of Mystical Ascent, Andrew W. Hass

“Falling into the Sky”: Gravity and Levity in Pynchon’s Mason & Dixon, Doug Haynes

“The Whole Country Below Them”: Gazing Imperially on Narnia From Above, Aishwarya Subramanian

“Real Flight and Dreams of Flight Go Together”: High Technology and Imaginary Heights in Early Modern and Postmodern Science Fiction, Nina Engelhardt

Intimacy and Hedonism: The Aesthetics of the Terrazza in Italian Cinema, Nicoletta Asciuto

“A Sealed Rectilinear Planet”: The Skyscraper as Vertical Heterotopia in J. G. Ballard’s High-Rise and Ben Wheatley’s Screen Adaptation, Sascha Klein

Telescoping the City: Technological Urbiquity, or Perceiving Ourselves from the Above, Lorenzo Tripodi

Original Articles
Converting the Schoolyard Into a Learning Space: A Strategy for Public Education, Vanessa Baldin Gallardo and Benamy Turkienicz

Beyond Mapping: Seizing Affective Geographies in Toronto, Roberta Buiani

Policies of Exclusion: Space, Time, and the Informal Economy in Chicago, Elizabeth Alejo and Amy Schoenecker

Negotiating the Modern Cross-Class “Model Home”: Domestic Experiences in Basil Spence’s Claremont Court, Sandra Costa Santos and Nadia Bertolino

Dispersion of Home in Contemporary City: A Case Study of Perception and Behavior in Young Tokyoites, Vedrana Ikalovic and Leonardo Chiesi

An Ethnographic Study of Communication Between Humans, Nature, and Place: In Search of a Sense of Belonging in Abarkouhi Homes, Iran, Hamid Abdollahyan and Foroogh Mohammadi

Translating Inclusion, Mia Arp Fallov and Rasmus Hoffmann Birk

Emplacing Time: Photography, Location, and the Cinematic Pilgrimage, Alberto Zambenedetti

Book Review
Aerial Aftermaths: Wartime from Above, Michael McCluskey