Play Fighting in and with snow NYC

We saw a video of a community snowball fight at complex.

Play fighting has a long history, and fighting with snow, an ephemeral object, pressed into a ball that often disintegrates mid-air (unless it is icy, in which case it hurts!) a pantomime of combat. A snowball fight is a kind of gleeful exchange of fluff, unpleasantly cold and wet but not effective and thus more prone to festivity than seriousness. The images and video capture the moment. A snowball is a social relation in movement, an expression, a social medium. It is an exchange between friends or friendly rivals. Getting hit with a snowball provokes a rueful shiver for the recipient and a momentary laughing victory for the sender, who quickly gets a snowball in return because it is usually at close range. One Comment is that this post is straight out of a videogame like Grand Theft Auto. The event was convened by @sidetalknyc.

Rob Shields (Univ. of Alberta)