Special Issue Inside Inside 25:3

Guest Editor: Christine McCarthy

Why Architecture?
Christine McCarthy
Original Articles
The Persistence of the Victorian Prison: Alteration, Inhabitation, Obsolescence
and Affirmative Design

Dominique Moran, Matt Houlbrook, and Yvonne Jewkes
Censorship Through Explanation: The Corrective Agency of Visibility in Panoramic Perspective and the Panopticon Prison Plan
Luke Tipene
Measures of Restraint: The Remaking of Carceral Space in the Postwar United States
Steven Niedbala
No Longer a Prison: The Logistics and Politics of Transforming a Prison as Work of Architecture
Sepideh Karami
The Community as a Liminal Correctional Space
Jordan Anderson
How What We Ask Shapes What We Can Imagine: De-Coupling Design and Punishment
Shana Agid
Practices of Care in a Multipavilion Prison: An Exploratory Study on the Role of the Built Environment
Margo Annemans, Koen Coomans, and Ann Heylighen
Ethical Prison Architecture: A Systematic Literature Review of Prison Design Features Related to Wellbeing
Kelsey V. Engstrom and Esther F. J. C. van Ginneken
Obituary: Orlando Cord Hall ( Shakib Wali) 1971-2020

Wes Janz