Space and Culture 24:4

Urban Design as a Form of Agonistic Democratic Expression, José Francisco Vergara-Perucich

Vernacular Participatory Designs: The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Housing Scene in South Korea, Jieheerah Yun

The Haptic Space of Disaster, Mikael Linnell

We Live Here: Media Architecture as Critical Spatial Practice, Dave Colangelo

A Suburban Dreamscape Outshining Urbanism: The Case of Housing Advertisements, Joar Skrede and Bengt Andersen

Implosive Multiculturalism: Staging of the Community in Bankstown, Sydney, Sanaz Alian and Stephen Wood

The Alternate Corridor Technique in the Housing Project Between 1950 and 1970: Skip-Stop, Doorstep, and L’Espace Pivot, Alejandro F. Pérez-Duarte and Luiza R. M. Penna

Everyday Place Making Through Social Capital Among Street Vendors at Manek Chowk, Gujarat, India, Neethi P., Anant Kamath, and Anjali M. Paul

Socio-Spatial Politics of Otherness: The Desire to Construct a Counterhegemony, Ece Yoltay

“Placing” Space: Exploring the Sociospatial Impacts of Cosmopolitan Place-Marketing Approaches on British Migrants in Spain, Laura Dixon

Designing for Cultural Revival: African Housing in Perspective, Ayodele Emmanuel Ikudayisi and Timothy Oluseyi Odeyale

An Ethnographic and Archaeological Approach to Ritual Practices of Resistance, Lara Milesi and Gonzalo Aranda Jiménez

Overlapping Nostalgias: Negotiating Space and Labor in the (Post)Communist City of Bucharest, Lulia Stătică

Special Places, Sacred Spaces: Two Traditional Buddhist Temples in Nihonmachi Los Angeles, Robert E. Gordon

Deconstructive Hermeneutics of Nature and Culture: Thinking After Derrida, Huimin Jin