Spaces and Cultures of Quarantine CoVid-19 Open Access Special Issue

Full Issue, Open Access until end of 2020

Pdf Table of Contents: Volume 23 Number 3 August 2020


6 Feet Apart: Spaces and Cultures of Quarantine Rob Shields, Michael Schillmeier, Justine Lloyd, and Joost Van Loon 216


Dancing in Quarantine: The Spatial Refiguration of Society and the Interaction Orders Martina Löw and Hubert Knoblauch 221

Sanitary Crisis, Civilizational Crisis Michel Maffesoli 226

Resilience, Reinvention and Transition during and after Quarantine Kristof Van Assche, Martijn Duineveld, S. Jeff Birchall, Leith Deacon, Raoul Beunen, Monica Gruezmacher, and Daan Boezeman 230

Taking Care of Us from the Neighborhoods in Times of Quarantine. Citizen Solidarity Practices in Vallcarca, Barcelona (Spain) Ana Belén Cano-Hila and Rafel Argemí-Baldich 237

Quarantine(d) Space: Urla-Izmir (Smyrna) Island Gonca Z. Tuncbilek 246

No Safe Space: Zombie Film Tropes during the COVID-19 Pandemic Lúcio Reis Filho 253

Quarantine: Alienated Space by Expert Knowledge Tihomir Viderman 259

This Is My Voice in a Mask Mickey Vallee 265

COVID-19 as Atmospheric Dis-ease: Attuning into Ordinary Effects of Collective Quarantine and Isolation Phillip Vannini 269

Turning Quarantine Inside Out Kamala Russell 274

Academic Southernness as Affective Boldness: A Quarantined Testimonial Eliana Rosa de Queiroz Barbosa 279

When a Social Movement Quarantines: The Power of Urban Memory in the 2019 Chilean Anti-neoliberal Uprising Manuela Badilla Rajevic 286

How a Deadly Pandemic Cleared the Air: Narratives and Practices Linking COVID-19 with Air Pollution and Climate Change Eva Angelyna (Evalyna) Bogdan 293

Thinking with Quarantine Urbanism? Crtistina Bianchetti, Camillo Boano, and Antonio Di Campli 301

Quarantine and Informality: Reflections on the Colombian Case Juan David Guevara Salamanca and Gonzalo Vargas 307

Alone Together: Finding Solidarity in a Time of Social Distance JA Morrow 315

Restricted Spatiality and the Inflation of Digital Space, an Urban Perspective Aminreza Iranmanesh and Resmiye Alpar Atun 320

Quarantine: Contradictory Spatial Practice between Abstract and Concrete Paria Valizadeh 329